Play time sessions are strictly for children under 5 
PAY AS YOU GO NO Membership No other costs

Older children aged 6 and above are NOT permitted entrance, sorry but this is very strictly adhered too.
 Age: Non crawlers to 5 years old
Price:  £3.00 per session.
SORRY NO CARD machine payment system.

These wonderful stress free pay as you go classes at Tarka are certainly worth the visit. The morning session often get busy with many mums bringing in their babies, some only months old. Often a get together place for the mums & dads to have a natter whilst the babies find their feet.
The mix of toddlers and babies seems to be very popular and classes have seen record attendances in March and April 2013.


Parents are in complete control of their child at all times and are fully responsible at all times.

Please also remember that this is a gymnastic facility and not a soft ball pond. There are uneven surfaces, there are slopes, there are dips and there is equipment all around. Please take extra care if on the trampoline to not create a big bounce when little children are on the trampoline, try to be careful not just with your own child but to watch out for children crawling and milling about.

Although we have gone to every possible measure to pad and make things as safe as possible, one has to remember that the bars as an example, are a structure made from metal and its not possible to pad everything in sight or the facility would not function for the 250 gymnasts that attend in the evenings. So please always stay in control of your child and siblings.